May 04, 2017

The reasons to love technology are numerous, and great, but when it comes to sports and the act of participating in our favorite sports, will technology ultimately ruin our experience or enhance it? There may be a fine line as to what is acceptable and not acceptable based on what a particular technology provides. 

“Could” happen or “going to” happen? Scary either way, right?

Technology is great, right? As part of a coworking tech hub based in the surf town of Sagres, Portugal, I’d say so. But I also know there is definitely a right time and a right place for it.

Improvements in surfboard design, ecologically superior alternatives for foam, natural surf waxes, and sunscreens are obvious research and development ideas that are beneficial and useful for us as a species, so new technology is important. But like I said, there’s a right place and a time for it in surfing.

On the flip side, here are some ways we could completely ruin surfing with technology (with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek).

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