Tandem SUP World Record - KIALOA

February 07, 2018

We have all been out on the water and watched countless people paddling with their dogs. We have also seen surfing dogs and people trying to surf on a paddle board with their dog. Did you ever imagine your dog surfing with you? This man and dog duo will amaze even the biggest skeptics.


January 21, 2018

MARANHÃO, Brazil - Behind the excitement and acclaim of a broken world record, lies a story that lead to that one victorious moment. A story oftentimes of hardship, persistence, overcoming. A story that impresses us and inspires us.Guinness World Records recently announced a new broken record for the longest SUP ride of a human and dog pair, and the story behind it, although not painfully rigorous nor of epic proportions, is an especially heartwarming one. It's the story of what man and canine can accomplish together on a SUP.

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