December 27, 2017

If you have ever wanted to travel to new places and surf at the same time, Cuba may be the place to go. Corey McClean did just that and published a coffee table book of his adventures. You might want to pick one up to inspire you to get up and go. In addition, Corey also has an upcoming movie that chronicles his travels. Both of these are a must see for those adventurous types that love to throw a little surfing into their vacation.

Exploring Cuba with Two local Surf Legends

By: | December 6, 2017

I first spoke with Corey McLean after learning about his coffee table book project. Corey was in Peru with his team, attending a surf contest where his Cuban friend and one of the subjects of his movie, was competing.

Corey first went down to Cuba in 2014 and by happenstance met two surfers who wound up being the subjects of his feature length film. When the news that U.S. and Cuban relations were improving, he convinced his partners at Makewild Films that they needed to get down there and film a documentary on surfing in Cuba. They left the US with an idea, but no real plan for the movie.

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