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Reuse, Renew, and Recycle is the new mantra for ocean loving folks. We are all trying to get on the bandwagon to ban plastics and reuse items to make new products. These sunglasses are using old fishing nets to create their frames and that is just what we are looking for. What an amazing way to take something and repurpose it in a different and positive way. 




Costa Sunglasses, the leader in world-class performance sunglasses and the initiator of the growing Kick Plastic campaign, is helping to bring positive solutions to the growing issue of ocean plastic pollution through its new Untangled Collection--a collection of frames made entirely from recycled fishing nets.

The brand is partnering with Bureo, the pioneer in recycled fishnet products, to turn discarded fishing nets into quality sunglass frames. Identified as the most harmful form of ocean plastic, discarded fishing nets and gear account for ten percent of ocean plastic pollution, which grows by an estimated 640,000 tons every year. The new collection will be available at retailers nationwide and online in late May.

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