June 08, 2017

These photographs are AMAZING and the enhancements that make them move are incredible.  We are mesmerized by the movement of the oceans and these photos bring it to life. 

Endlessly Mesmerizing Wave Cinemagraphs Bring the Powerful Ocean to Life

By Sara Barnes on May 20, 2017

Australian photographerRay Collins is known for hisbreathtaking portraits of the ocean. In a single instance, he captures the astounding power of waves just moments before their massive curls descend from their peak and crash into the water. They’re so expressive that we can imagine their movement, but we can’t get the full scope of their power. Dutch cinematographerArmand Dijcks has recently collaborated with Collins on a short film calledThe Infinite Now, which is composed of several cinemagraphs that bring Collin's wave photography to life.

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