March 01, 2016

With Spring in the air and the enthusiasm high to get out on the water it seems near impossible that we could get stuck in a rut with our paddling routine or training right?  It does happen. Here are some words of wisdom from 'Elele Vic Anthony Allen.  He has many training miles under his belt so take it all in and here's to training with enthusiasm and a great season!

Are you stuck in a rut, experiencing a plateau in strength, concerned with overtraining? Have your workouts become dull and lifeless, and in need of amping, ramping and revamping?
If this is your conclusion, could it be the problem is not the workout but your attitude? A bright and hopeful and energized state of mind can often transform an apparently fruitless and lifeless workout into an inspiring mountain-mover where two steps forward are followed by three steps upward and another one onward, and again and again to the top. Imagine the view at the mountain top, sense the fulfillment of the steep slopes hiked and every crack and ravine crossed. We reach the top one workout at a time. 

Vic Allen 8
Are you enjoying your training or is it distressing? Is it an obligation, or a desirable pursuit? Is it fun, like a hobby, sport or recreation, or is it hard work, toil and trouble, like stacking cinderblocks or digging ditches? I know -- it's sort of a combination of all the above!

Whoever we are, whatever the time of year and if we are yet with breath, we are always seeking more effective and interesting training methods. We know muscle develops slowly and strength builds gradually, and we've exhausted every training routine since the days of Sandow.

Make a plan! Truth is, any plan, if you haven't practiced it in a long time and it isn't an outright bad plan, is probably a good plan. The only requirements are for you to execute it with form, focus, intensity, assurance and continuity.

  • Start with nutrition... give Hammer Nutrition a try for great endurance fuel.
  • Get a paddle that feels good and is built right for your purpose.
  • Don't quit! Quitting is so final. It's also so tragic. Quitting, even an extended layoff, is like close to dying while still breathing.
Inez, Vic Allen, Meg

First race of our season is just right around the corner.

See you Together on the Water --- Vic Anthony Allen

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