February 22, 2017

Winter in Norway paints a picture of snow covered mountains, icy fiords and skiers. You would be hard pressed to find a stand up paddler on the fiords, rivers or Atlantic in minus 18 degree weather.  Enter Lena Albrecht and Kai-Nicolas Steimer in full face helmets hitting the ice cold water in the dead of Winter! This is hard core.

Lena Albrecht and Kai-Nicolas Steimer dug themselves with their boards into the icebox of Europe: In the deepest winter they tested Norwegian fjords and Atlantikgroups!


With the SUP boards across Norway: We have accompanied Lena Albrecht and Kai-Nicolas Steinmer on their tour.

James Boast / Fit For Fun

Cold is relative. "From minus 22 degrees it is simply saucalt," Lena Albrecht (29) describes her tension after the first tent night in the Norwegian winter. At this moment, global warming could, according to her political equality, move quietly.Normally, the woman from Hamburg hunts in winter in the South American summer.Carioca-like she likes hot and sunny (Brazil) rather cold and frosty (Germany).Especially today, on this day in January, she would give her last paddle to surf a few waves on the sunny Copacabana, instead of her ice-maker Kai-Nicolas Steimer (26), an ice-free channel on the largest Norwegian body of water, The Sognefjord."It was not easy to find running water at temperatures," says Kai. Some places on the large Sognefjord and some lakes are not frozen and allow for a winter walk.

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