October 12, 2017

A lot of us go out on our SUP boards and enjoy the exercise, socialization, and just being outdoors and on the water. Have you ever wondered how stand up paddling actually started? What is the history behind this sport? You may be surprised to learn how far back the roots of stand up paddling go. It seems that man has always been curious about getting out on the water. The earliest crafts were rudimentary models of our current boards, but they started the trend for present day stand up paddling. 

 The History of Stand Up Paddling


Stand up paddle boarding might seem new in the outdoor sports circuit but it’s actually been around for thousands of years. Most recently, it’s become popular as a strength- and fitness-enhancing hobby, but it was originally used as a very practical way to travel across water.

The sport has been through a radical transformation over the years in terms of its purpose, techniques, and paddleboard equipment. Here’s a quick rundown to remind you there’s more history to that board under your feet than meets the eye.

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