January 18, 2018

Outrigger sprint nationals are being held in Karapiro this week. It is the twenty-ninth year for this event and this year the big surprise is the number of junior paddlers. For many years, outrigger was becoming an aging sport. It was difficult to get young people involved and invested. This year it seems that the trend has shifted and now more than ever juniors are showing up in masses to compete. 


Waka Ama Nationals kick off in Karāpiro

Thousands from across the country have gathered in Karāpiro for a week of some of the world's best waka ama at the Sprint Nationals. What organisers say continues to be a growing trend.

It’s one of the fastest growing water sports in New Zealand and this year’s number of paddlers reflected that with 2100 under 19 paddlers making up more than half of participants.

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