July 24, 2017

Have you often dreamed of visiting the Florida keys? Maybe you have just imagined the beautiful crystal clear water and white sand beaches? Most of us love the water and yearn to be out on it, in it, or near it in some way. What would it be like to be on our stand-up board on top of the mesmerizing waters of the keys? We would all love to load up our board and some camping gear and head out. Well, we can, and this article will tell us how to do it.

Into The Keys
With island access minus the tourist bustle, Big Pine Key offers the perfect launching point for countless paddling adventures.
By Katie McKy

The call of the Florida Keys tempts any paddler. Take storied Key Largo, the first key that gets marquee mentions in songs from the Beach Boys and Bertie Higgins to Sade. Key West, the final key, also calls with its quirky “Conch Culture” and luminaries like Hemingway, Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams and Thomas Edison in its history, as well as its festive daily sunset celebrations in Mallory Square.
However, between Key Largo and Key West is Big Pine Key, which might be the perfect key for paddlers. Chalk that up to location; it’s the first key before the greatest clustering of keys and scores of islands (big and small, many uninhabited) that bunch between Big Pine Key and Key West. Simply put, you have the access to those islands without the touristy bustle of Key West. Because those keys constitute a watery warren, maps and navigation devices help launch countless adventures.

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