April 28, 2017

We all dream of leaving our desk job for good and heading out on a lifetime of adventures, but for most, it is a dream and it passes.  For one woman, the dream of chasing waves becomes a reality.  Not only for herself, but for her brave self and three young children.

Chasing Waves
A single mom. Three kids. Forever chasing dreams, and now chasing waves too.
Today, we’ve decided to join a local initiative to clean up the beach. After that, we’ll do some free surfing. It seems like a perfect way to spend a Saturday, so I inhale, the hot and humid tropical air filling my lungs, and look out at the ocean. This is when I realize that I’ve finally made it. Just over a month ago I left the comfort of my European home as a single mom with three kids, hoping to make the world our classroom. We had nothing more than a one-way ticket, an empty bank account, and a dream.

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