November 30, 2017

What can we do to be stewards of our marine environments? Most of us know that oceanic environments are being littered with trash and plastics. We also understand that it is harmful to the marine environment at all levels. The question is, what can we do as individuals to slow down the damaging processes? How can we help restore these fragile environments that we all cherish? Kialoa's own Brent Allen is leading the charge in Monterey Bay and hoping that his efforts will Inspire people to get involved all around the world. 


November 27, 2017
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The evolution of stand up paddle is creating the worlds next environmental advocates. As more paddlers explore their own local waters more is being uncovered on what is polluting our liquid playgrounds. Did you know the United States has 13 National Marine Sanctuaries? Four of which are located on the California Coast. These protected waters are the underwater versions of our US national parks

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