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May 22, 2018

The San Clemente Ocean Festival (SCOF) is coming soon. If you have never heard or been to this event, it is one to consider. With all kinds of competitions and fun you won't want to miss it! Plan your next vacation or if you live close, plan a weekend around it. This event promotes water safety and awareness and is full of fun.

Greatest Show on Surf Coming July 21 & 22  
One of the great events of the summer open to everyone. If you paddle, surf, swim, run, SUP, dory, have kids or enjoy just being at the beach...
You will love the San Clemente Ocean Festival!!!


SCOF Mission:  
"San Clemente Ocean Festival is a non-profit organization  
dedicated to the promotion and support of ocean safety, the environment and the  
community by providing a quality athletic, cultural  
and enjoyable family event."



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