February 06, 2017


Having barefeet is no longer for the beach. Barefoot and sports is now a 'thing'.  There are products promoting bare feet, books written on the subject and actual athletes sporting barefeet while participating in their favorite sports.

A leading instructor of barefoot running in the U.S., Ken Bob Saxton has completed more than 400 races barefoot, including 79 marathons and one ultra-marathon.  We are not sure what his feet look like at the finish line but reasearchers are supporting this phenomenon.

Researchers Believe Barefootedness Might Actually Improve Your Surfing


As the barefoot trend increases across America and beyond the hippy culture, athletes have begun to question the impact that lettin’ the dogs out might have on their sporting lives. Grocery stores still might not be fans, but could taking the town barefoot help improve your surfing?

A recent study conducted by the Exercise and Rehabilitation Center at the University of Birmingham showed that people who walk barefoot often have increased ankle flexibility, less pressure exerted on the foot, and a shortened stride when walking. This can benefit the balance and steadiness of a surfer’s feet on their board.

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