June 30, 2017

When you break a board or simply don't want it anymore, don't throw it away! Not only do boards wreak havoc on our environment, but there are many ways to use your board in a new way. 

5 Alternatives to a Trash Can for Your Broken Shred Sled
The Inertia Associate Editor
Broken boards are a bummer. Especially when they end up in landfills.

Imagine this. A major storm is spinning its wheels off the coast of your local break. You check the forecast. Tomorrow the wind will be howling offshore, and the surf will be pumping. You can hardly sleep. In the early hours of the morning, you brew yourself a cup of coffee, pack up the car, and head to the beach. The forecast was right! It’s perfect. You suit up and you’re out there. First wave your exhilaration gets the best of you. You mistime the drop and the lip guillotines your board right in the middle. Session over. Board broken.

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