January 10, 2018

Kanaka Ikaika Paddling Season Has Begun

A record number of paddlers! There were nearly 180 paddlers in attendance for the 1st race of the season, the PACIFIC PADDLER Makailua. This was an 8 mile course from Makai Pier, around Rabbit Island, the Mokulua Islands and Flat Island, finishing at Kailua Beach Park. The wind was a perfect east at 20 mph; couldn’t ask for better conditions.
This was the 1st stage of the Maui JIM Waterman series which featured the V-1, which is the rudderless single outrigger canoe. There were also loads of OC-1s, Surfskis, OC-2s, SUPs, Prone paddleboarders and even 2 mixed OC-6 canoes. As usual we had a few bugs to work out in the first race, but thanks to all of you for your wonderful support, everyone was happy.
We’ve posted results and some photos on facebook and Instagram, and on ocpaddler.com, and have the results on the website. Please find us o facebook and help us share our content on your own social platforms.
Our second race: KIALOA to KAIMANA is this Saturday, January 14th. The course is Hawaii Kai to Kaimana beach and the MAUI JIM Waterman craft of the day is the SUP. We expect 200 paddlers or more. We encourage you to come join us and help promote your products and/or services, or just to enjoy the day and see what we do.
The community can’t thank you enough. We help keep our island culture alive, people healthy and we do what we can to promote, enforce and help maintain a clean ocean.
Please contact me at any time for any questions, concerns, or suggestions at jkfoti@gmail.com, or at 808-927-0711.
Jim Foti
Executive Director

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