April 19, 2018

Should we paddle when we are sick? We have all done it, paddled or worked out when we were sick. We know the old wives tales and we try ever so hard to let our bodies rest and recover when we come down with something. What does the research say? Should we stay inside or get out and get after it?


Paddling with a cold: By, Jodelle Fitzwater

Alternate fitness guru, Nikki Gregg is never one to shun bad weather supping. Here she is on Moro Bay, California last spring. Photo by: Glenn Dubock

Cold and flu season is not a fun one.  If you have survived this year’s season “flu-free”, consider yourself blessed. But, if you are caught right in the midst of a cold or flu, you might wonder, “Should I work out? Should I train?”

Here is what Fitness Guru Jodelle Fitzwater has to say about working out in cold & flu season.


“If it’s above the neck, you can still put your body to the test. If it’s below the neck, let your body rest.”

From an athletic standpoint, we have all heard the phrase above.  We know that if your sickness is more in the “head phase”, you are most likely fine to do your normal workout (just keep a few hundred tissues handy).  Yet, if it’s more of that “chesty-mucusy-I-want-to-crawl-into-a-hospital-ward” virus that’s going around, obviously it’s best to keep yourself relaxed and resting.

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