February 01, 2017

The excitement begins in Tahiti with the 2017 inaugural race and paddlers vying for a spot on Team Samoa. 

Paddle to Tahiti Begins with First Regatta at Mulinu’u

GETTING OFF THE BLOCKS: Crowded starts are the norm and local paddlers will have to learn to negotiate their way out of these situations ahead of Tahiti.The Taula Strong V1 Series kicked off last Saturday in emphatic fashion.

Twenty-seven paddlers from Tautai O.C.C., Laumei O.C.C., Nafanua O.C.C. and Millenia Vaa O.C.C. took to the water at the Mulinu’u Vaa Base Camp for 2017’s inaugural race.

It started 5:30pm and lasted between one hour and 14minutes to two hours. 

There was a 15Km V1 marathon and a 9km half course. 

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