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May 24, 2018

Have you ever thought about racing SUP or challenging yourself to improve your skills? If you live in Oregon or love to travel to Oregon, consider racing in this series. The series, sponsored by Kialoa, focuses on individual improvement more than racing against others. It is a way to enter into the racing arena without feeling intimidated. Come out and enjoy the fun, camaraderie, and beautiful scenery in this epic racing event.

Welcome to SUPpar!
Think of yourself…you want to be your best, mentally and physically. What “lifts you up" to achieve this health is Standup Paddling! However, you can’t just dabble at it and expect benefits you need a routine and this takes personal motivation with goal setting! Also it’s more rewarding when you’re good at it! It’s not “practice makes perfect,” its “perfect-practice makes perfect”. The very best thing for skill development and motivation is to enter, in Standup Paddle events.

Welcome to SUPpar!Get the concept that you participate in standup paddle races to improve and give purpose to your paddling. Youíre really racing yourself, not the big fish in the pond!

SUP racers should participate; enjoy the great "gathering" created by an event and all the camaraderie. It's fun, fun, fun and you get better and better.
SUPpar© is a concept to encourage SUP racers to enter at least three races per year and track their personal performance progress. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

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