July 05, 2017

We have all used plastic straws and never thought twice about it. One teen decided to make it his mission to eliminate the use of plastic straws on our planet. After seeing several disturbing pictures of animals dying or injured from plastic straws, he decided to start a campaign in his community that has now gone nationwide.

A Campaign to Eliminate Plastic Straws is Sucking in Thousands of Converts

Discarded plastic straws pose an environmental hazard. There is a growing movement to eliminate them altogether.

(Helen Lockhart/Two Oceans Aquarium)

It started so innocently. A kid ordered a soda in a restaurant.

“It came with a plastic straw in it,” Milo Cress recalled. He glared at the straw for a while. “It seemed like such a waste.”

Not only did Cress yank the plastic from his drink, but he also launched a campaign, “Be Straw Free,” targeting all straws as needless pollution. He knocked on the doors of restaurants in Burlington, Vt., where he lived at the time, and asked managers not to offer straws unless patrons asked. He was 9 years old.

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