December 29, 2017

We have all been reading about the massive amounts of trash that are in our oceans. The questions about how this trash impacts marine life are prevalent.  It is obvious that trash and plastics negatively impact the environment but what is the ripple effect of this problem? These issues are in the forefront of environmental activists and concerned citizens alike. 

Lobster's Pepsi 'Tattoo' Highlights Major Ocean Problem

It's unclear how the image was printed onto the lobster's claw.

The image is just one example of how ocean trash impacts marine wildlife.

Yet again, we're reminded that the ocean is full of trash.

A lobster fished from waters off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada, was found earlier this month with an unusual marking on its claw—what appears to be the image of a Pepsi can.

Photos of the claw show the upper lid of the can is visible, with all the details of its popper and curved edges. Just the glimpse of a red logo peeks out from the bottom. Whether the imprint came from an actual can of Pepsi or from an image of a can on a case or other item remains unclear.

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