December 15, 2017

New Zealand boasts one of the largest whitewater parks in the world. It is a must do when visiting the country. Check out the video of this amazing park.

Vecto Wero Whitewater SUP

December 6, 2017


Vecto Wero Whitewater SUP from Hala Gear on Vimeo.

Any river trip to New Zealand should include a stop in Auckland at the Wero Whitewater Park.    In operation for only a year, it has already put thousands of people on the water. Inspired, this will be where much of New Zealand's population learns whitewater fundamentals. It may very well become the epicenter for whitewater paddle boarding in the South Pacific. Though making no attempt to resemble a real river, Wero has two technically challenging channels loaded with holes, drops, and wave trains. It even has a 4 meter waterfall to paddle off.  Whitewater parks help make better paddlers. Laps and repetition; time and miles; ferries and eddy turns; wipe outs and clean lines, all help give experience to tackle real rivers. I often say two hours in a park is better than two days in a river if the purpose is skills building. Like going to a gym, a park session increases muscle memory, stamina, and confidence. Wero is no expedition to that rule. I suspect that many of future generation of NZ paddlers will cut thier teeth in this park. Though paddle boarding is not yet allowed in the whitewater channels, I was invited to give a test run.



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