Molokai Rentals in Limbo

Molokai Rentals in Limbo

September 12, 2017

For those of us who have raced Molokai or just enjoyed the island, short term rentals may be hard to come by. Many of us have rented homes on Molokai in the past and rely on this housing for the Na Wahine O'Ke Kai  and the Molokai Hoe races. If these short term rentals are prohibited, the races may be in peril. 

Moloka'i Short term rentals

The event was just advised that earlier this month the Molokai Planning Commission voted to stop all Short Term Rental Homes on Molokai, both existing and new. This recommendation to the Maui County Council could result in the current law being changed to place the maximum allowable number of permits to ZERO. Even those who are currently operating will not be able to renew their permits once they have expired.

This decision will  have a significant negative impact on the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships and Molokai's island economy.  We are sending this note to captains and athletes whose livelihood might also be affected.  

Legally permitted Short Term Rental Homes play an important role in Molokai's economy, adds value to Molokai's tourism industry and helps provide additional accommodations for the many cultural events, family reunions, and team and individual watersports competitions that Molokai proudly hosts each year.

A short survey has been prepared to help you show support for legally permitted Short Term Rental Homes on Molokai and to support Maui County Council Member Crivello's Resolution 17-74 placing a cap on the number of STRH permits on Molokai at 40 (15 West End, 10 Central, 15 East End).

Help us advocate in support of legally permitted Short Term Rental Homes on Molokai. Please click the following link to submit your survey results and comments to the policy makers who have the final authority to change the law and hold the future of Molokai's  tourism industry in their hands.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you know who may share a similar interest in advocating for legally permitted short term rental homes on Molokai.


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