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February 01, 2017

The Titans of Mavericks, one of the most coveted big wave surfing events, may be cancelled this year due to a combination of debt and pending lawsuit. 

Just offshore from the quiet little town of Half Moon Bay, 60 foot waves have provided the venue for one of surfs most prestigious events in the world. Top surf professionals from around the globe compete for the opportunity to become the champion of Titans of Mavericks. And sport fans and thrill seekers show up for the greatest show on surf. 

What began In the early 1960s with a group of surfers and a dog named Maverick paddling out to catch waves, could all come to a crashing halt 57 years later.  This will be the very sad end to an iconic surf story that runs very deep.

Mavericks surf contest likely canceled after organizers file for bankruptcy

The renowned surf competition at Mavericks will likely be canceled this year after its organizers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday.

According to documents obtained by NBC Bay Area, Cartel Management Inc., and Titans of Mavericks LLC, the two primary organizers of the Pillar Point surf contest, are "drowning in debt." 

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