January 19, 2017

Water on Mars? What does this mean?  
This image shows the central mountains of Hale Crater on Mars, one for four locations on the planet where scientists confirmed today the existence of flowing saltwater rivers called recurring slope lineae (RSL). These active flows are seasonal and extend downhill from bedrock cliffs, mostly towards the northwest (upper left). This image was acquired in middle summer when RSL are most active in the southern mid latitudes.

Over the weekend, NASA hinted that they had solved a major Martian mystery. Sorry folks, it isn’t aliens. Here’s the scoop:

Mars has seasonal rivers of flowing water. Note the verb “has” rather than “had”, as in liquid water is a current feature on present-day Mars. In other words, this is not from the distant past — the water is flowing now. What appeared to be a dry void of red-orange rock is wetter than previously thought.

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