May 02, 2018

Join the cause June 9th to support the health of our waterways. For many of us the ocean is our playground. We love the water, the beach, the waves and everything that goes with it. Our next generation is hoping to enjoy the same thing and they are concerned about the environmental hazards that may destroy this beautiful place. Support the oceans in June by wearing blue and taking part in a clean-up effort near you.

March for the Ocean

March for the Ocean is about the survival of our blue planet.  But it’s also about the fact that it’s not too late to turn the tide - restore and protect what we love.

March for the Ocean - for water - for our future and say NO to offshore oiltesting, leasing, drilling and spilling; YES to Corporate Accountability for plastic pollutionNO to plasticand other forms of Ocean pollution; YES to protecting our coastal communities; and YES to a Healthy Ocean and Clean Water for All. MARCH FOR THE OCEAN in Washington DC will be the first plastic-free march - thanks to M4O partners, WeTap and Parley for the Oceans!

 On Saturday, June 9, 2018, join the March for the Ocean in Washington D.C., join one of many simultaneous marches, flotillas, and water celebrations across the country and Wear Blue for the Ocean!

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