February 14, 2018

Get Out of Your Head, Stay in Your Zone

by Lori Jorgenson

Have you ever had times where you were so into making your performance “perfect” that it threw you off your game?  How about ever have the pre-competition jitters so high that it kept you from feeling ready to perform?  Have you ever experienced where your thoughts were getting in your way that you felt stuck and unable to move forward? 
These are some situations that I call being in your head, where you are in a state in your physiology of being in your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) – fight, flight or freeze – and keeps you out of your zone.  This system is automatic anytime you feel or think you are threatened in some way.  Thank goodness we humans have the SNS because it may save us when we are in a dangerous situation.  However, as I mentioned, the SNS can kick into gear by having negative thoughts, depleting emotions (anger, frustration, fear, etc.), and sensations or situations unfamiliar to your brain and body.  The reaction therefore depletes energy and creates a situation where you are out of sync, therefore “in your head”.
Being” in the Zone” is where the mind and body are calm, cool and connected (like James Bond) and can respond without really thinking.  You know how to perform because you are in your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).  The thoughts in your mind are positive and your emotions are renewing such as joy, happiness, and excitement. 
The description above about the SNS and PNS can be explained in more detail, however, I think you get the idea.  So, how can you “get out of your head”.  Below I have listed two ways to help “get out of your head and stay in your zone”:

What:  Seek Clarity

Why:    Seek clarity and a vision of where you are going, therefore you can
create a road map on how to get there.   Otherwise, you feel off course and get easily distracted…. Squirrel…..

How:    Set an intention of where you want to go.  Explore what your heart is calling you to do and decide what matters most to you. 

Put this into practice:   Answer the questions:  What matters to you most?  What are your dreams/goals?  How does it feel when you imagine yourself achieving your dreams/goals?  Who can support you and lift you up to help you stay on course?

The next step is to put pictures, words, etc. that remind you of these dreams/goals where you see them daily.  This reminds you daily of where you are going.

What:  Take in a Win Daily

Why:    Taking in a win daily reminds you of what you have accomplished, not matter how big or small.  This helps the energy of success to keep on moving you forward vs. not recognizing your accomplishments will stop it. 

How:    Find one or more things in a day that you feel good about accomplishing or achieving and recognize them.  Give yourself a pat on the back, rather than a kick in the booty or looking for the next thing to go for right away. 

Put this into practice:   Keep a journal that you write down your win(s) for the day. Write them down in the morning, evening or both.  Then notice how you feel. 
These two steps are basic ways to help you stay in your zone the moments you get inyour head.  Keep them in mind when you begin to get out of sync.  You probably have steps you already take to help you stay in your zone.  Keep repeating what works!!!

For more ways to stay in the zone or on how to enhance your performance and vitality contact me at innergreatness4u@gmail.com or check out my website at

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