February 09, 2017

Thirty two years, 80 chapters worldwide, the Surfrider Foundation is proving a powerful force. Their sole mission is to protect oceans and beaches around the country. 

A grassroots approach of bringing together like minded people at the local level has proven to be a success.

Visit surfrider.org for additional information.

3 Surfers Came Together to Protect our Beaches, and They're Winning in a Big Way

The Surfrider Foundation, a California-based grassroots conservation group, has been fighting to protect the oceans and beaches of this country since 1984—and it’s not slowing down now.

Call this one a win for conservationists everywhere: The Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots organization that works to protect oceans and beaches around the country, has claimed 400 victories. This is no small achievement, but it’s only part of what the Surfrider Foundation has achieved in its 32 years.

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