September 04, 2017

Women are finding their way into big wave surfing. The ladies big wave contest held in Waimea bay is for women only. Honoring a famous Hawaiian woman of the past, Kuhina Nui Ka'ahumanu (1968-1833) was arguably the most influential woman figure in Hawaiian history. She pushed for women's rights and gender equality and loved to paddle and surf. She was an iconic female figure way before her time. What better way to honor her than a big wave contest just for ladies?


Separate from The Eddie, just for the ladies

And now, it’s the ladies’ turn. Starting October 1st, the waiting period for the first ever all women’s Waimea Bay surf contest will begin, featuring the world’s most fearless females.

The 2017 Women’s Waimea Bay Championship will host 23 big wave riders on the North Shore’s iconic venue for massive surf. And the list includes a who’s who of female big wave riders: Keala Kennelly, Paige Alms, Bianca Valenti, Felicity Palmateer, Justine Dupont, just to name a few.

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