June 28, 2018

For those of you that know Julie Wolfe, you know she is many things to many people. She is a veteran in the Los Angeles Fire Department, a mom, a wife, and one heck of an athlete. To me, Julie is a friend. If you are friends with Julie you know she is loyal, compassionate, and will have your back. She is fiercely competitive, the most generous person you will ever know, and has raised two of the most remarkable young ladies you will ever meet. Julie has a heart of gold and her friendship is paramount in my life. On top of all that, Julie is one of the toughest gals you will ever meet. She is, as her daughter Cora says, a real badass! On Monday night Julie had a shark encounter while out paddling. We are happy to say that she is fine and just recovering emotionally from this incredible event. Her daughter, Cora, describes her mom’s brush with a shark.


Shark Attacks Canoe

Cora Wolfe


Sharks used to be my biggest fear and always a constant thought in the back of my mind when I was little. Until yesterday, I’ve realized, I’ve convinced myself that there’s nothing but jumping dolphins in the ocean so I wouldn’t think about them when I was out on the water. I thought there’d be no way a shark would do anything to a canoe. How could a shark look up and see something at the surface that’s bigger than itself and go after it? Well apparently, sharks like pretty pink pineapples and went after my mom’s canoe yesterday evening, about 2 miles out of Oceanside harbor. She had the best 2-mile sprint workout of her life. It came up from underneath and she immediately knew what it was. She turned her canoe around and paddled back to the harbor and it came after her again! I am SO THANKFUL she got back to the dock without a scratch on her. Money can buy new canoes, a new paddle, or a repair and a paint job, but money cannot buy my mom back, or her peace of mind if she got really hurt.


She’s fine, her canoe isn’t, and that’s perfectly OK.💕 Just another thing to add on to her list of badassery...yeah, my mom survived a shark attack...it’s… whatever.


Julie’s account of what happened:


The shark bumped me HARD!! I knew instantly what it was. I turned around and had a terrifying two-mile sprint back toward shore. I never saw the shark and wasn’t sure if it was following me until about a minute later when I felt a tug on my paddle. That’s when I SCREAMED like a little girl! I thought of Bethany Hamilton and tried to paddle with my hands way out of the water. I was breathing so hard I could hear myself wheezing. I jumped at every piece of kelp that I saw.  My husband, John, was at the harbor mouth steering a novice crew of women. I paddled up to him and whispered that I had just been attacked by a shark and asked if he would escort me in. I was shaking and he said that I looked like I had seen a ghost. When I pulled the canoe onto the dock, I was shocked to see teeth marks in my canoe. I expected to see a big dent where the shark had hit me. John picked up the canoe to learn that the bite went through the canoe and it had taken on water. I called the Oceanside harbor police so that they could notify the other paddlers still out there of my encounter. Needless to say, I will be going to church this Sunday!

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