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KIALOA and 'Elele Evelyn O'Doherty have teamed up to bring you brief highlights of KIALOA paddlers from the East Coast! Tune in to meet more great people who simply enjoy paddling!

Not all who wander are lost”
Tales of The Wandering Paddler – Shaun Quinn

On a recent trip to New England this past weekend I was led, in a roundabout way, to meeting one great character of SUP. Meet Shaun Quinn, The Wandering Paddler.
Shaun was tinkering around at the Shack Surf Shop in Rye, New Hampshire when friends and I stopped in. He was busy building a board rack that would hang from the ceiling in the shape of … you guessed it... a fish. The boards would fit into the fish's gills to stay upright. He was busy, but not so much to be able to sit down and banter.
We grabbed a seat in the custom-made benches and rocking chairs made out of upcycled lobster pots (verrrrry New Englandahhh). Shaun is affable and honest. He is absolutely passionate about putting people on the water.
Shaun and wife Jeanne, together own The Wandering Paddler, a mobile stand up paddle tour unit housed in a big box truck holding 12 boards, paddles, leashes, PFDs, and a serious crush on paddling. The business hosts multiple paddle adventures every week including sunrise tours and sunset excursions, full moon paddles and an adventure to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July in Portsmouth Harbor. Collaborating with multiple local area surf shops, Shaun, a Level 3 ACA certified paddleboard instructor, is stoked to bring people out onto the water and give them a reprieve from everyday life on land. Jeanne runs that back end of things and is a global marketing manager for Cisco. It's an A-Team of success.
Meeting Shaun was a total geek fest. He and I hit it off on stoke factor alone. Adventure paddling, we both agree, that's where it's at.

Have a small group you'd like to take out on an excursion? Perhaps a bachelorette party or birthday gig for the kids? The Wandering Paddler can customize your private paddleboard tour – on any waterway. Shaun will take out large groups and small, always with a friendly smile, some nuggets on instruction and a keen eye for safety. He is also an avid fisherman and has quite a rep for successful fishing on his SUP. SUP fishing is another one of his novelties that he offers as a tour in and around the New Hampshire area. Shaun is willing to travel with his rolling rig the full length of sea coast, New Hampshire from Massachusetts to Maine. After paddling with him locally, you just might catch his fever and want to travel further abroad. 
Shaun is currently coordinating a Paddle Tour in England through Active 360, an outdoors outfit there that is joining forces with The Wandering Paddler to make a retreat-like experience for wanna-be water babes and bros. Shaun is also excited to create excursions to mystical places like Iceland and Scotland. Sean's passion for what he does shines through everything he does. He is animated and energetic when talking about paddling. He is focused and confident in outlining his plans and he is adamant about one thing: what makes him happy is putting groups of people #togetheronthewater.
You can find The Wandering Paddler both on Facebook and Instagram (#havepaddlewilltravel) to follow along the adventure: Or visit the website at http://www.wanderingpaddler.com

You never know, you might become the next wandering paddler.

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Marc Angelillo

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Way to be CaPtiAn 👊✅🤙

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