March 02, 2018

KIALOA and 'Elele Evelyn O'Doherty have teamed up to bring you brief highlights of KIALOA paddlers from the East Coast! Tune in weekly to meet more great people who simply enjoy paddling!

Where are you from and where are your favorite places to paddle? 

 Igrew up on the water in Baldwin, NY. I also lived on Long Island. The last 25+ years I have lived in South Florida. 

Favorite places to paddle:

Barbados, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico & South Florida

When did you start paddling & what inspired you to start?

I started 5 yrs ago. I watched SUP paddlers paddle on the ocean where I live. One day I walked into a local SUP shop, rented a board and a whole new world opened up. I race recreationally, SUP surf, downwind and I teach SUP yoga. 

What are some other activities and favorite things in your life?

I am an avid snow skier, scuba diver,  attending adventure SUP retreats, yoga and SUP yoga. 

Any paddling goals for 2018? 

I want to continue progressing with my SUP surf and race skills. I would also like to participate in some local paddle races. Additionally I want to share the stoke !! 

Any other info we need to know about you?

I am a peace loving, environmentally friendly, hippy ️




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