March 23, 2018

KIALOA and 'Elele Evelyn O'Doherty have teamed up to bring you brief highlights of KIALOA paddlers from the East Coast! Tune in weekly to meet more great people who simply enjoy paddling!

 Tracy Cullinane

 Nantucket, Massachusetts.

  • How long have you been paddling and what inspired you to start?  
Not long, around four years. A few friends of mine on Nantucket got boards and really got into it. They thought I'd be great at it since I'm pretty fit/strong.  I like the training aspect of it--being accountable and having a specific program to follow even though I don't race a lot. 
  • Where do you live and what are some of your favorite paddling spots?
Nantucket Island, MA.  Here, Polpis harbor, which is a little offshoot about five miles down from the main Nantucket Town Harbor.  In the summer, it is a little less calm, with boat wakes, etc.  It's a beautiful spot.  Nantucket Harbor is too, but I like it more in the Fall when it isn't so crowded.  Locally, Cotuit MA on Cape Cod has a nice five-mile loop and I've gotten into paddling Lake Cochituate in Natick MA. This year I was lucky enough to paddle in Australia which was pretty amazing.  I also paddled in Florida, which I really liked. 
  • When you're not out on the water, what are you doing? 
Workwise--I have a part-time personal training business and have my own studio.  I am also a real estate broker, which keeps me pretty busy in the summer on Nantucket since it's more of a seasonal business. For fun, traveling when I get the chance, solo or with Patrick. Keeping physically fit is very important to me -- at 47, I'm not getting any younger! I enjoy many different work out activities from lifting, to grappling, to running, yoga etc.  I also have two dogs who are very special little creatures too, so we walk a lot!
  • What board(s) do you ride and what paddle(s) do you use?
Specs and deets.  Banh Pho customs. I have two 12'6"'s built by Patrick Broemmel, and I will also be getting a 14'x23" very soon, this spring. Kialoa Hulu paddle, but cannot remember the specs... maybe 84-85 inches?  My first board was a Bark, which I'm giving to a friend down in DC who is a novice paddler and I'd like to get her into some short races.
  • Who inspires you?
Anyone who sets out to do something, and gets it done without fanfare, without needing a spotlight or a stage.  I think actions speak so much louder than words.  Just walk the walk.  Patrick Broemmel for his humility and integrity. My parents, raising five kids.  Anyone who overcomes a major life obstacle like disease or loss and perseveres.  Strong women (ok, men too!), those with true grit, which is rare.
  • Any goals or bucket list items you'd like to accomplish in 2018? 
Just to keep up the training program I did last year on Paddle Monster with Larry Cain. I don't have a lot of time for summer races, so the ones I do sign up for, I want to be prepared!  The four I have on my list are the Run of the Charles (April, 19 miles), Return to Goat Island in MD (June, 17 miles), Three Bays in Cape Cod (Sept, 10 miles), and Chattajack again (Oct, 31 miles).   I'd like to do Key West, which is the same weekend as the Run of the Charles (April 29), but I doubt it's in my financial forecast to do it.
  • What is the greatest piece of paddling advice/tip you've ever received?
Probably just to relax, HAVE FUN and not overthink things.  Just enjoy being out on the water, and that you CAN DO, when so many people, for whatever reason, cannot.  And, when you are racing, if you see someone ahead of you, try to pass them. It's that simple, and I agree.

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