November 06, 2017

Kudos to these two amazing teens, Alex Weber and Jack Johnston who have taken it upon themselves to gather up golf balls from the Pebble Beach shoreline.  

Below the 8th tee of the renowned Pebble Beach golf course lies part of the federally protected Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary where marine wildlife thrives in the ocean waters below.  Little do these golf 'hackers' know, they are polluting the waters with every missed shot by a number in excess of 9,000 golf balls. 

Alex and Jack have taken this one step further and have publicized the enormity of the problem from an environmental standpoint and have formed a non profit to continue the efforts of cleaning up our oceans and bringing awareness to the existing problem. 

Ball Retrievers: Meet the two environmentally conscious teens who have collected thousands of golf balls from the ocean floor along the Pebble Beach coastline

As malodorous as some may be, balls are stored in the Webers' garage. Alex and Jack only wish they were stamped with return addresses.

On a chilly morning in late December, a kayak pushed off from Carmel Beach, Calif., and cut through the choppy water, propelled by the furious paddling of its two occupants. In the front seat was Alex Weber, 16, a sea creature who has grown up free-diving for jade in Big Sur. She is an utterly fearless young woman who thinks nothing of jumping from a cliff and into a churning ocean. A once-distant wave was now upon the kayak. "This is going to be close," Alex screamed as her craft scaled the glassy wall of water. After going nearly vertical, the kayak landed with a thud in the calm waters beyond the break. Her passenger may have been terrified, but Alex dissolved into laughter, as did her best friend and fellow Carmel High junior, Jack Johnston, who had been watching the spectacle from his kayak.

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