Ka Lahui Kai #2

January 23, 2017

Ka Lahui Kai #2

The 2017 KIALOA to Kaimana race was a success! The KIRA #2 race for Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association featured the prone paddle boards in the Maui Jim Jim Waterman series. Rubber Ducky Escort, ‘Ōiwi Ocean Gear, Hinano Tahiti life, Outrigger Zone. Leashes were mandatory and bright clothing advised as the wind was a blowing. If you were not confident of your abilities to participate and swim to shore, you were advised to opt out.

Amazing footage by Hayden Ramier fully captured the epic conditions for the KIALOA to Kaimana race.  

ka lahui kai #2 from hayden ramler on Vimeo.



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