November 09, 2017

November 23-26 marks the date of the all inflatable Iriomote Island SUP race.  Follow along with 200 participants on the exotic island of Iriomote, the southern most Island south of Okinawa, Japan for one of the most popular races of the year. KIALOA's own Kenny Kaneko will be headed to Iriomote again this year to participate where he also competed in 2015. Read more.

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Iriomote Island SUP Festival (translated from ISF website, Japan)

Iriomote Sup Festival (ISF) is aiming to be a fun race where everyone can participate and join the safest and secure. The race will be held in a river covered by the largest mangrove community in Japan.

Because some winds are blocked, it can be held without being heavily affected by the weather.

Beginners have a short distance, experienced one a long distance. Please choose the course that suits yourself and enjoy the race.

Read more.


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