January 09, 2018

The Inertia for Good Editor


We see a lot of photos here at The Inertia. And I mean a lot. Photographers from all over the world – those who’ve made a hobby out of it and the ones who found a way to pay the bills with a lens – are always passing along bits and pieces of their work, showing off images from their latest impromptu trip or proudly forwarding selects from a swell that hit the stretch of coast near home.

It’s actually amazing that in spite of the sheer volume of photos flooding into our editorial staff’s inboxes, there are still moments that make our tiny crew stop what we’re doing for a moment and huddle around one laptop just to gawk. We mindsurf, we daydream, we point, just like every single one of you has been doing since the first time you thumbed through a magazine as a kid. And this is what photographers give us: a moment to pause and remember to just appreciate something special. They see something beautiful, decide it’s valuable enough for other people to get a glimpse of the same beautiful thing, and make sure they capture it before the moment’s gone.

So thanks to all the photographers out there who make a point to share their creativity with all of us. It’s a pretty amazing gift.

With that, here are 50 images that made our crew stop what we were doing at some point in 2017 so we could huddle around our laptops and gawk for a moment.

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