October 27, 2017

Including the kettlebell swing into your fitness regime can be a great asset if it is done correctly. There are some very basic moves you need to know to master the swing. Understanding the benefits of the kettlebell is key to making it work to your advantage. If you haven't worked with kettlebells before, you are in for a great workout.

How to Do a Kettlebell Swing

“The kettlebell swing is the ultimate single exercise to improve strength, endurance, coordination, stability of the hips and core, and grip strength,” says Grant Anderson, co-owner and director of strength at Chicago Primal Gym. The move involves your whole body from start to finish, so it forces your cardiovascular and muscular systems to work together, which translates well to outdoor sports. And a set of swings is a total sufferfest, so you’re building some serious mental grit in the process.

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