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July 25, 2017

We have all seen the throngs of people out on the water paddling their stand-up board enjoying the water and the outdoors. We have also noticed those that take their dogs on their adventure. Most of us are in awe at how well trained their dog is and how easy the whole experience appears. There is a lot to consider before taking your dog on a SUP outing with you.  If you long to have a pleasant adventure on your SUP with your dog, this article will help.


Does your pup have what it takes to be a SUP pup? Check out this great guide to getting your dog out on the water with you!

Laila Johnston |

Guest blog post by Cate Sutz, owner and operator of Dog Boarding of Myrtle Beach.

So, you have been enjoying your time on the river with your standup paddle (SUP) board. You have gotten over the wobble of finding your balance and are now well acquainted with your equipment. You have discovered several beautiful places that you would like to share with others. The time paddling has been refreshing, peaceful, and fun but on certain days it just seems to be missing something. Why not try bringing your dog along on your paddle board outings? There is much joy, satisfaction and adventure waiting for you this year on a SUP with your pup!

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