July 23, 2018

We all know that preparation is the key to success. Whether we are racing, giving a presentation, or getting ready for a trip, how we prepare for it makes a huge difference. With the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games swiftly approaching, there are several things to do to adequately prepare for this race. Make sure you consider these five elements in your training regime not only for PPG, but for any race. Good luck!


All bets are off once the race starts, be prepared! Photo: JP Van Swae
With each Friday that passes, we have another reason to celebrate. Not just because it’s the weekend — though summer weekends are a pretty prime time for paddling — but because the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life are another week closer! The hype keeps growing and the entries continue to pour in as paddlers from around the globe anticipate the biggest race in SUP. And as the race gets closer, there is even more preparation to to be done. In that vein, we thought we’d share five mistakes to avoid at #PPG2018 to make sure your experience goes as smoothly as possible.
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