How the Lizard Drill Will Help You Catch More Waves - KIALOA

February 10, 2017

Sometimes good ole cartoon drawings resonate with those wanting to learn a new sport or technique.  Simple, straight forward and you can practice in your own home before you hit the waves.  

Approach, angle and surf like a lizard!

How the Lizard Drill Will Help You Catch More Waves

Improving your ability to catch and approach waves is monumental for beginner surfers. The more waves you catch, the more waves you’ll surf. And the more time you spend actually riding waves, the better you’re going to get.

So far I’ve shared drills aimed at fixing the nosedive, hand placement, and fixing your surf stance – all common adjustments and improvements the beginner surfer can make to improve. Now we will make sure you catch more waves by knowing how to approach them. It is time to learn how to angle your take off. Angling is all about finding the right position on the wave face. The lizard is your inspiration.

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