January 11, 2017

Hats For Honduras

Mike Olin is a retired Bend, OR Dentist performing great work in Honduras. Each year Mike travels to a unique town in Honduras to perform free dental procedures on school age children. This year Mike traveled to San Juancito --- a small town in central Honduras.  KIALOA joined the 'cause' to support the local kids by reaching out to our local community for hat donations and combining the donations with donated KIALOA hats prior to Mike's departure.
Mike returned to Honduras on March 7th to perform free dental procedures on school age children. Kids go to school until 6-8 grade and then must pay to continue education.  In addition to the dental work, Mike gives out the donated hats to kids that demonstrate good behavior and helpfulness.

Hats For Honduras
A few words from Mike during his travels ... "Here is main street Guadalajara, Honduras. Parking is not an issue but hard to parallel park in between tied up horses. You are looking at The Macy's of the area as well as Home Depot and Target. Great week down here and only one day of Imonium so that was a success. Waiting for ride to the beautiful Tegucigalpa airport for 12 hours of relaxing travel to Redmond Intl.. Adios".

Hats For Honduras

One of KIALOA's 2016 initiatives is giving back to kids.  Stay tuned for other 'stories' of our contributions to kids.

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