April 24, 2018

The rains hit Kauai hard. We have been watching news reports about the storm and cannot fathom the extent of the damage. Laird Hamilton lives in the heart of the hardest hit part of Kauai. Hamilton tells us how he is helping, what will happen to this beautiful island, and what can be done to help. 


Laird Talks About Rescuing People From Hawaii's Floods

The Kauai resident puts the catastrophic damage into perspective, after rescuing 75 people himself.


It’s around midnight on Saturday, April 14, and Laird Hamilton lies awake in bed. For the last six or seven hours, he’s listened to the cracks of lightning outside his house—the worst he’s heard in a lifetime spent on Hawaii. Every minute, electric bolts flash through the sky, followed by deep rumbles that seem to shake the small island of Kauai. At 4:30 a.m., Hamilton gets a call from a worried neighbors. The waters have nearly reached their house. Hamilton gets to work.

He leaves from a river access point by his home, the same he’s used to tow out on jet-skis to the the massive waves that made him a legend, and he heads toward the family’s home.

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