April 21, 2017

Maui's own Haleakala is home to one of the leading astronomy observatories on Earth. Temperatures, clear skies and its location above 1/3 of earth's atmosphere make this an ideal place to do research. Plans to add the world's largest solar observatory telescope is also in the works.


Haleakala: The Future Of Science City

By April 4, 2017

Arrive on Maui and chances are your attention will be torn between the impossibly blue sea and the impossibly grand mountain that towers above it.

Christened “House of the Sun” by Hawaii’s earliest settlers, Haleakala claims a number of top titles, from the Valley Isle’s crowning jewel to the world’s largest dormant volcano.

But Haleakala is far more than one of Maui’s leading attractions. Comprising three-quarters of the island, it’s also a sacred spot in Hawaiian culture—and one of the preeminent observatories on the planet.

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