September 06, 2017

Published:September 2, 2017

Gerry Lopez, one of the sport’s most enduring icons, has been doing a lot of close-to-surfing over the past decade or so. SUPing (“kinda like surfing, but with a giant board”), snowboarding (“kinda like surfing, but not really”), river surfing (“fun, but not really surfing”). Last spring, though, he spent a lot of time in Cabo and rediscovered his inner surfing self.

“My wife’s judgement is infinitely better than mine, and she told me I needed to go surfing more,” Lopez laughed. “After being up in Bend so long, I realized how much I really liked actual surfing. It was almost like, ‘How the mighty have fallen! From Pipeline to a river wave.’"

The Cabo training turned out to be good timing, as he was the first goofyfoot invited to surf the left at Kelly’s Surf Ranch last week. (Also included in the crew was Shane Dorian and son, Tom Carroll, Bethany Hamilton and Gerry’s son.) The video of Gerry’s session dropped yesterday; we called him up this morning in Bend to find out more.

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