March 31, 2017

There is a lot to learn about 'gear'.  In Bend, Oregon, most garages are bigger than homes in order to store all the goods. If this is not the case where you live, there are a lot of clever options to purchase or make a suitable home for your SUP board and paddle.

by Sam George on

Where and How to Store Your Board

Every new standup paddler remembers the moment after buying their very first board–all shiny and wonderful–when they wonder to themselves, “OK, now where am I going to put this when I’m not in the water?”

Big boards can be a big problem when not afloat. When it comes to effective board storage, you’re fighting a two-front battle: first is easy access. You want to be able to just grab your board and go. Simple, efficient access can often make the difference between getting wet or staying dry. The risk of injury to both board and body by pulling a 12-footer down from high garage rafters is enough to cool any paddler’s ardor. But just as important is caring for the board itself.

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