June 27, 2017

When athletes go to the grocery store they are bombarded with ideas from every athlete, nutritionist, trainer, and doctor they know. Making smart, easy choices for quick, good food can sometimes be overwhelming.

This article may give you some ideas for foods that are not in your arsenal yet. 

10 Foods Athletes Should Add to Their Grocery Lists

Quinoa, bananas, and peanut butter are recurring characters, but add a little more flavor (and nutrition) to the plot by tossing in these surprising purchases.

According to nutrition experts, an elite athlete's grocery list should include unconventional items.

Photo: Jill Chen / Stocksy

We tapped top nutritionists to find out which items they think athletes should include on their grocery runs. Some fuel workouts, others aid in recovery, and a few make for nutrition-forward instant dinners for when time is short.

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