Exploring Greenland with Kite-skis and Kayaks - KIALOA

March 08, 2017

Follow these amazing 'explorers' as they cross Greenland and head for a ride down class 5 rapids in the Arctic river.

Exploring Greenland with Kite-skis and Kayaks

by Kat Long on nationalgeographic.com

Three adventurers withstand dangerous terrain and physical injury to traverse the Greenland ice sheet and kayak a wild Arctic river.

On the southeastern edge of the Greenland ice sheet, a blast of Arctic wind hit the three kite-skiers. Sarah McNair-Landry’s kite billowed, but with her safety latch jammed, the gust yanked her 20 feet into the air. She dropped headfirst onto the ice, cracking her helmet and briefly blacking out.

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