October 09, 2017

We have all dreamed of visiting the Grand Canyon but were not sure where to start. Planning your trip to avoid the throngs of tourists and investigate the amazing surroundings in the Canyon area can be challenging. Look beyond the tours and suggestions of tour guides to enjoy a more interesting way to enjoy this incredible place.

10 Unique Ways to Experience the Grand Canyon

Skip the tour bus for these outdoor adventures

By Liana Lozada

Travel Expert


Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park is nothing short of a natural spectacle. Millennia have carved a geological masterpiece rising 7,000 feet above sea level before plummeting back down into the powerful Colorado River. The Grand Canyon National Park cares for nearly one million acres of land, thousands of plant varieties and hundreds of wildlife species.

For forthcoming visitors, the area's expansiveness can make trip planning overwhelming. To help streamline the canyon’s outdoor conundrums, we’ve highlighted 10 of the region's best experiences. From soaring over the canyon’s dramatic landscape to skiing across its picturesque trails, these diverse expeditions help travelers navigate the Grand Canyon’s many marvels.

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