September 16, 2017

When we travel to Hawaii most of us think about going to the beach, snorkeling, fishing, racing, or exploring the islands. We don't spend a lot of time planning our food choices. This article and video may change your mind. When visiting the islands it is fun to add traditional Hawaiian food to the mix. The culture in Hawaii is like no other and their food is part of the experience. So, next time you are headed to Hawaii, remember to try some of the traditional tasty dishes.

How to Eat Hawaiian Food

Story By Mari Taketa
Photos By Mari Taketa
September 8, 2017

If you’ve never tried it, here are some tips on how to dig in like a local.
There’s a reason why Hawaiian food restaurants have lines going out the door. Feasts of poi, kalua pig, lomi salmon and haupia are the culinary soul of Hawaii, as much a part of island life as shaka signs, surf sessions and windward and mauka showers.
Locals start early. Poi is the first solid food given to island babies, and by the time kids grow up and venture away for school, business trips or life in distant locales, they’re planning their first meals back home at their favorite Hawaiian restaurants well before the plane lands.

If you’ve never tried Hawaiian food, here are some tips and a primer of favorite dishes. Follow these and you’ll be digging in like a local.

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